Spanish cuisine: what is its history?
One of the most important features of Spanish cuisine is regional diversity, which, in principle, happens in many large countries. Galicia, Asturias, Castile New and Old, the Levant, Catalonia, the…

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10 most popular Spanish dishes
Spain is a beautiful and friendly country, where hospitable people live and there is a huge amount of delicious food. If you are going to visit this amazing country, do…

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Where to dine in Madrid for €2?
EL PARAISO DEL JAMON Where? Calle San Bernardo, 8 What to order? Ham sandwich It seems that this institution was preserved in the form in which it existed once in…

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Where to dine in Barcelona for € 2?

Where? Calle Joaquim Costa, 56
Joaquim Costa street is a gold mine for the hunter of cheap food. In Bocatas de Sultán prepare the legendary potatoes for € 1, which is respected by the vast majority of residents of the area: the whole party from the local kids to the homeless walking around with these red bags. They generously pour enough for quite a dense dinner number of potatoes, and on top you can pour as much ketchup, mayonnaise or all at once. Connoisseurs say that “an unusual mixture of spices gives potatoes an exceptional taste,” and some even claim that it ” tastes better than the first kiss.”

Of course, if you don’t get enough of one bag, you can always order a second one, and still not exceed the € 2 limit.

By the way, next to Bocatas de Sultán can find Döner Kebab Amigo (Calle Joaquim Costa, 56) – the place with the cheapest Shawarma in the area. And in La Bodegueta a couple of streets from there go for a budget mug of beer.

Where? Calle Nou de la Rambla, 40
The only thing you can afford with € 2 is a Margarita. Fortunately for us, a piece of “Margarita” with mozzarella, tomatoes and Basil leaf is generally the best that can be ordered in Pizza Circus. However, other options with a variety of ingredients they also get good.

One portion will be enough to starve a worm, but someone may need a little more. Ideal – half portion.

Where? Calle Joaquim Costa, 23
Right in front of the famous Bismilla Kebabish (considered by many to be the best kebab in town) you will find the Mecca of a poor food hunter – Jhelum Sweets & Bakers, better known as “el JSB” [El he se be].

There are plenty of menu items cheaper than € 2, the list is almost endless. Here are born the legendary “hamburgers for UN Euro”, as they are called by the seller, and quite rightly: they cost € 1. Their size is very generous, so it is enough for a full dinner. Again, if you still do not get enough, you can always go for a bag of potatoes in Bocatas de Sultán.

Burger is almost a balanced dish with vegetables and an infinite number of tricky spicy spices. It should be noted that it is served without rolls, lettuce or anything else, in fact it’s just a cutlet that you have to hold in your hands. Do not be afraid, it is quite compact and lies in a paper bag, though eating it on the street can be a spectacle not very aesthetic.

In addition to hamburgers, there are samosas for 50 cents, chicken rolls for € 1 and an unreal number of puffs with meat or vegetables.

Where? Avenida del Metro, 14 (L’hospitalet de Llobregat)
At the exit of the metro station Santa Eulàlia look for this cubanow, which in addition to the usual menu of such institutions, offers to get acquainted with the world salchipapas (salchipapas) – potatoes with sliced sausages that are fried in a ton of sauce (your choice) – the hallmark of most University canteens. For € 1 you will get a standard portion, and for another € 1 you can pump it to the next level (size).

In addition, here are preparing something that is called pollopapa for € 2 serves the same as before, but generously adding Taco meat (chicken or beef or both). Portions are enough to feed one very hungry person or a couple of not particularly hungry.

Where? Look in the area of Ronda de Sant Pau and Sant Antoni
Bobi Bar offers Chinese takeaway food: rice, spring rolls, noodles with meat and vegetables and a bunch of other things. But the main joy of the humble traveler-chicken wings for € 1. For this nominal fee you will be offered four (!) wings, carefully warmed them and wrapped in foil. This is the case when the quantity/price ratio clearly outweighs in favor of the buyer.

The establishment has recently moved to a new room: the exact coordinates of the new point are unknown to the author, but who is looking, he will always find.

Where? Rambla del Raval, 28
In Barcelona, there are enough points where they make huge hearty sandwiches with a bunch of ingredients (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots, some meat, tuna, potatoes…), and “Atlas”-one of them. Such places are usually very cheap, but usually ask for more dohavali coins. However, the chances of finding a budget vegetarian tortilla sandwich (Spanish potato omelette) or assembling your own are very high.

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