Spanish delicacy

Sweet life
Chocolate production in different countries overgrown with their traditions and legends. This is an occasion not just to show up for a tasting, but to turn a visit to the…

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Spanish cuisine: what is its history? Part 2
People who do not like hotels, but prefer to rent apartments or villas, immediately plunge into the grocery-shopping-market world of the country in which they reside. The world is usual…

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Traditional Spanish food
The famous Spanish chef Pepe Rodriguez, awarded in 2011 the national award in the field of gastronomy, says that the Spaniards have become worse to eat at home ("se come…

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Spanish cuisine (part 2)

Fish and seafood

Malaga dish espeto
Fish is the main component of the Mediterranean diet. For Spaniards, fish is one of the most favorite dishes. To the family table it is served not only once a week or on holidays, but much more often. In Spanish waters is found a huge number of different fish. One of the most popular fish is tuna. This fish is especially good when it is cooked immediately after being caught. In Spain, tuna is prepared in a variety of forms: smoked, fried, canned. Dried tuna mojama.

Espeto — grilled on a skewer over charcoal fish (mostly sardines), avalanna in sea salt and deep fried, a typical Andalusian dish of Malaga. Continue reading

Spanish cuisine (part 1)

According to popular beliefs, the cuisine of Spain is a “Mediterranean diet” with cooking based on fruits, vegetables, legumes, rice, seafood, cereals and greens. However, in reality, in Spanish cuisine more meat dishes than, for example, fish. The national Spanish dish is ham ham, not just paella. The consumption of fruits and vegetables by the average Spaniard is also far from the five diets prescribed by the Mediterranean diet. Five diets for fruit is about two and a half glasses of juice or two, say, apples a day. For greens-two and a half cups of finely chopped vegetables, that is, two plates of fresh salad a day.

The use of olive oil for cooking is now ubiquitous in Spanish cuisine, but until the early twentieth century, the most common fats in Spanish cuisine were animals. Continue reading

Spanish wines: what to drink?

To begin with-a little statistics that will show us the complexity of the issue.
So, Spain is the country with the largest number of vineyards on the planet. 15% of the world’s vineyards are located here. For wine production Spain ranks third in the world, behind only France and Italy. In Spain, more than a hundred certified wine regions, in which several tens of thousands of wine producers produce hundreds of thousands of brands of this drink. And here is how in all this diversity to understand how to choose exactly what will give pleasure to you personally, while leaving in the purse of money and even a snack? Here is a bit information, which must you in this help. Continue reading

Useful tips about Barcelona cafes and restaurants

Acquaintance with national cuisine and drinks is one of the most important components of any trip. Barcelona is doubly concerned, because the local cuisine is considered one of the best at least in Europe. But to fully enjoy visiting Barcelona restaurants, cafes and eateries, you need to know a few important nuances.

List of the best restaurants in Barcelona by ” Secrets of Barcelona»

1. Schedule
Life in the Mediterranean flows relaxed and unhurried, but at the same time has a clear schedule, in which each activity has its own time. If you are a resident of a metropolis like Moscow, accustomed to the fact that everything works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you will initially be hard. Having missed the meal hours formed for many centuries, you risk to remain without a lunch, or you will be compelled to have a snack with a sandwich. Continue reading

Spanish cuisine and gastronomy

Spain is considered to be a gastronomic Paradise on Earth. Such delicacies as jamon, seafood paella, tapas are known all over the world. But in fact, the main feature of Iberian cooking – a variety of dishes and ingredients.

Most of all, Spain is like a patchwork quilt, where an hour away by car you get from one world to another. And nothing illustrates this Spanish patchwork as well as cuisine and gastronomy. On the Mediterranean coast eat one thing, on the Atlantic-absolutely another, cuisine of North and South countries differs, as day and night, and both they not have nothing in common with those, than subsist in Central parts of.

Spanish cuisine occupies a very important place in the life of most Spaniards. It is no exaggeration to say that human life here is built around meals. Continue reading

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