Features of Spanish cuisine
The cuisine of Spain has a truly Royal variety. It is interesting that the traditional "set of dishes" and methods of cooking vary depending on the region. However, there are…

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Where to dine in Madrid for €2?
EL PARAISO DEL JAMON Where? Calle San Bernardo, 8 What to order? Ham sandwich It seems that this institution was preserved in the form in which it existed once in…

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How does the meal begin? Catalan cuisine and not only
As you know, Spanish cuisine has absorbed several traditions: it is Roman (that is, since the days of ancient Rome), and the current Italian and French, and Arabic, and Jewish…

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Useful tips about Barcelona cafes and restaurants

Acquaintance with national cuisine and drinks is one of the most important components of any trip. Barcelona is doubly concerned, because the local cuisine is considered one of the best at least in Europe. But to fully enjoy visiting Barcelona restaurants, cafes and eateries, you need to know a few important nuances.

List of the best restaurants in Barcelona by ” Secrets of Barcelona»

1. Schedule
Life in the Mediterranean flows relaxed and unhurried, but at the same time has a clear schedule, in which each activity has its own time. If you are a resident of a metropolis like Moscow, accustomed to the fact that everything works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you will initially be hard. Having missed the meal hours formed for many centuries, you risk to remain without a lunch, or you will be compelled to have a snack with a sandwich. Continue reading

Why food is not the most important thing in a Spanish lunch

The Spanish word sobremesa has no correspondences in other languages, although the idea here is quite simple. This is the time you enjoy sitting at the table with friends or family after the meal.

Spain is a country where food is treated with special piety. Here were born and scattered around the world recipes of hundreds of delicious dishes and delicacies – such as tapas, paella, gazpacho, jamon. The fame of the skills of Spanish cooks also spread.

Therefore, it would be quite strange to say that the most important thing in the Spanish meal – not the food. And yet it is so.

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10 Spanish dishes you should try at least once in your life

Spanish omelette or potato tortilla
Spanish potato tortilla
It is believed that the first mention of the Spanish tortilla dates back to 1817. According to legend, a poor resident of Navarre made a Spanish General potato omelet from all the products that could be found in the house. The assortment was poor — potatoes, onions and a few eggs, but the General liked the dish, and soon the simple recipe became very popular. Nowadays, the traditional tortilla can be enjoyed in any Spanish city – from Seville to Barcelona and La Coruna. World-renowned chef Ferran Adria offers a tortilla recipe from potato chips, and Skyscanner recommends trying the classic Spanish potato omelet at La Casa de las Tortillas and La Panela.
2. Andalusia and its secret escape from the sweltering heat — gazpacho Continue reading

The trivial thesis held by the British is that we " eat to live, not live to eat." At the same time, as K. Fox observes, the enjoyment and admiration…


What is paella paella at home?
Spanish cuisine (as opposed to Italian, French, as well as Chinese and Thai cuisine) does not belong to the "great cuisines of the world". That absolutely says nothing: Russian won…


Quirky habits and all sorts of oddities are the flip side of the traditional view of food, anchored in the content aspect of the units of the gastronomic thesaurus. One…


What to try in Spain? Spanish cuisine is a national cuisine that has developed from different culinary traditions in all regions of Spain. In Spanish cuisine can be noted a…